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Joining the Coalition

According to the new Waste Discharge Requirements that went into effect on December 7, 2012, any landowner or operator who wants to join ESJWQC must now follow THESE STEPS:



  • 1) Submit a Notice of Intent to the Regional Water Board requesting to join the ESJWQC. A $50 application fee must accompany the application. If the applicant received a Directive to Obtain Regulatory Coverage (13260 Order) or a Technical Report request from the Regional Water Board (13267 Order), the application fee is $200. See site for specific instructions.

  • 2) Fill out an application to join the ESJWQC.

  • 3) Regional Water Board notifies ESJWQC that you have submitted a Notice of Intent and requests confirmation of membership enrollment.

  • 4) ESJWQC sends applicant a Notice of Confirmation that their membership is in good standing. Member is then in compliance with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.

Coalition New Member Signup clinics were held in April 2013. Below are presentations given at the meetings.

Background and Membership Policy Documents

News Reports Related to Change in Coalition Requirements.

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